Kush In Action...
(Left) Co- Founder Greg Thomas and youth at the
Wm. Nickerson Gardens recreation center in Watts
Kush facilitated quality youth development services to
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Confident in the Kush
Approach, Kush Inc.
took the...
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Kush inherits its name
from the ancient
civilization of Kush (also
referred to as “Nubia”
and “Cush”) which
flourished during the
23rd thru 25th dynastic
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Today's Future... Tomorrow's Leaders.
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Kush, Inc is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization organized in California. Kush served as
the lead gang intervention agency in the Watts and Southeast Los Angeles community from 2005
to 2012. We provide quality youth development, family preservation, recreation, academic
enrichment, and life skills development programs to address the social, academic, and economic
inequities that exist in urban communities.  

We design, develop, and implement custom curriculum; program quality improvement
processes; and strategic plans. We work to enhance fellow practitioners' knowledge of the urban
community and its dynamics. Our comprehensive approach to community development includes
working with youth, adult residents, business owners, service providers, and other community
stakeholders to maximize access to 21st century resources. In June of 2011, Kush completed its
6th year of  community intervention program provisions which was recognized for contributing to
the 63% reduction of violent youth gang related crimes in the Watts/Southeast Los Angeles
Kush is a 501c3 Organization. All resources are
allocated towards serving youth and families.
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